Personal Accident

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Personal Accident Insurance Essex

If you; or a key member of staff; suffer an injury that leaves you unable to work, Personal Accident Insurance can pay a proportional weekly sum to your business.

You should consider Personal Accident Insurance if you have concerns as to how the business would continue if you were unable to work, want to protect your business income or need to honour your business commitments should the worst happen.

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What We Can Offer

  • Highly Competitive Premiums

  • Access to Leading UK-based “A” Rated Insurers

  • Claims Response Within One Working Day

  • Insurance Individually Assessed and Tailored  to Meet Your Needs

  • Policy Wordings Explained in Detail

  • A Detailed Review from Start to Finish

  • A Workforce With Over 100 Years Combined Insurance Experience

“Peace of mind for you and your family should you become unable to work.”

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