Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Running a business always carries some element of risk, so ensuring that you have adequate cover is a must. There are a variety of different options to cover you for different situations and circumstances, so it is important to ensure that you choose policies which will cover you for the kinds of situations that you are likely to encounter, plus any which you may be required to have by law.
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Please email [email protected] to request your documents.
No. We will always contact you prior to renewal to ensure you want to accept our terms.
If we are unable to reach you after several attempts, we will assume you no longer require the insurance and lapse the policies.
We will always contact you for updated information 30 days prior to renewal, for all policies rated on wageroll and turnover. We then approach the corresponding insurance markets and present you with a quotation that is tailored to fit your business in good time for your consideration.
You can call us on our claims line (01702 209546) during office hours, or send a brief description of the circumstances of the incident to [email protected] and we will call you back.
We’ll need to know:
• your profession or industry (so we can offer you a tailored policy)
• the level of cover you’d like
• your projected annual turnover and wageroll
• your business name, a contact name and a valid email address to send your policy to
• your business correspondence address
• a few things about your business activities and previous claims history
• the date you want cover to begin (the inception date)
• your bank details (if you’d like to pay by Direct Debit)
GRS operate within the strict guidelines laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the regulatory body responsible for monitoring the financial services sector in the United Kingdom, and are authorised and regulated accordingly: (Reg. No: 463687). This can be viewed by visiting

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Benefits your Cyber policy with Genesis can include are:

  • 24/7 cyber incident response centre to provide you with immediate support

  • Dedicated cyber claims handler throughout your claim

  • Discounted premiums with A-rated insurers

  • The most comprehensive cyber coverage available in the UK

  • Simple policy wording that’s easy to understand

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